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The people behind GLE Creative Talent:

Greg La Montagna
President & Owner

Sarah Rose
Sr. Talent Acquisition

David C. White
VP, Client Relations

Stella Rose
Chief Relaxer

What does GLE Creative Talent do?  It’s simple. We’re a personalized agency talent search firm, specializing in Advertising & Marketing, Pharma (DTC, HCP), Med- Ed & Communications, CME, Healthcare Professionals


We work to solve problems and create opportunities.  Our focus and innovative approach to talent acquisition help our clients find, attract and retain the best people.  Our sweet spot is bringing our clients and candidates the best possible hiring experience with the sole purpose of helping to build agencies with talent, not just staff. Our goal is to consult and help agencies and job seekers find the right fit.  We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm.


The focus of our search firm has been to partner with strategic clients and recruit vertically in the agency.  We are continually training and seeking out the best practices that our clients can utilize within the agency.  By having our finger on the pulse of industry trends we are committed to providing a competitive advantage in every way. People generate business and although a distinct skill set is needed you also hire drive, passion, enthusiasm, and loyalty.  That's where we come in and find a tailor-made candidate who exemplifies what your agency stands and needs to create long term growth.


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If you're looking for talent, contact us here:

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