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Even Homelessness Couldn’t Stop This Candidate

Looking for a job or trying to find a candidate to fill an open position? Perhaps you’ve seen others make filling positions appear effortless. Maybe you’re a job seeker envisioning your new office. You may have big dreams, but don’t overlook the hardest part of the process; searching and interviewing. The process is not easy and seldom happens quickly. It often takes careful planning, a lot of patience, and a significant amount of time. David Casarez, a job seeker in California, discovered this the hard way.

Armed with a few months salary and his ambition, Casarez left Texas behind and headed off to Mountain View, California with high hopes. He was searching for a position with a highly coveted tech company in Silicon Valley. However, he underestimated the time commitment and ran out of money while still searching for a position. After a few short months, he found himself with no job and no leads.

He couldn’t afford rent and slept in his van until he couldn’t make those payments. When he lost his van, he had no option but to sleep in parks, according to NBC Bay Area. While spending nights on park benches, he continued to spend his days searching for his next opportunity.

Every No Gets You Closer To Yes

When everything else failed, Casarez decided to get creative and took to the streets with a homeless sign, but he was not asking for money. Written on the sign was, “Homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume.” He was wearing a suit and holding a stack of resumes.

At any point along the perilous road to homelessness, Casarez could have given up, thrown in the towel and moved to a different location with a cheaper cost of living and less cutthroat job opportunities. But he isn’t looking for easy; he’s looking for a job in Silicon Valley. Instead of standing on a street corner asking for money, he is merely asking for an opportunity.

It appears he will get his chance. His story went viral, and he has received over 200 job offers from tech companies across the country, including the likes of Google and Pandora.

Persistence is the Key to Success

This is a strong message for job seekers and employers. With a little bit of tenacity and a whole lot of persistence, you can secure a position or find the perfect candidate.

There were probably hundreds of times Casarez could have caved and accepted a lesser job just for the paycheck, but that’s not what he wanted. He never settled, and his creative thinking and determination paid off. If you are hiring, take your time, use the right resources, and you will find the perfect candidate. And for all you job seekers, continue to think outside of the box. Give yourself time and remain hungry for success and you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

The process can take time, but you don’t need to go it alone. Here at GLE Creative Talent, we specialize in recruiting for pharma ad and medical communications agencies. We deliver the expertise, knowledge, and insights our clients need to make informed hiring decisions. We are authentic and transparent throughout the process so you can make the best judgments for your brand and your people.

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