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With a unique methodology designed to find future talent based on the intersection of: Current Dream Employees, Job Market Research and Executive Team Direction, GLE will work with you to build out the right story to attract top talent. Not only will it help you find future dream employees, Employment Storytelling will also help you deliver on the promises you make to new hires leading to higher retention in an otherwise tumultuous market.

I. ENGAGE: Interviews &

Market Analysis

Steps for this phase include:


Interviews with the executive team and current dream employees to understand your corporate culture.


Thorough market analysis to understand the competition and successful models within your geographic location.

II. SEARCH: Qualify Prospects

Our unique knowledge in this industry has allowed us to go well beyond a LinkedIn profile or resume.  We understand the qualifications, therapeutics, brands, and launch requirements needed to be successful in this industry.


Since we specialize, we have faster access to those  "unicorn" candidates.

III. EMPLOY: Start Interview Process

We get candidates excited about the opportunity and the people INSIDE the agency.  GLE Creative Talent wants to do more than provide our Client with staff, we want to provide them with talent - someone who has a sincere interest and drive for what they do.


We want long-term success not a short-term fix.

IV. GAUGE Provide Short List of Candidates 

Once GLE Creative Talent has gauged the top candidates we will refer the best of the best.  Interviews will be arranged, feedback will be discussed, and offers will be negotiated.

GLE is with you every step of the way!

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